Our sale schedule is designed with our sellers and buyers in mind, and set to meet the needs of both.  Our sales begin at 1 pm (unless otherwise stated), and consignors are encouraged to bring in their animals by 10 am the day of the sale, or are welcome to bring in animals the night before.  We hold several "special sales" throughout the year, featuring specific classes of cattle.  We are here to assist you in your marketing needs and want nothing more than to meet your expectations and get you top dollar for your livestock.  So give us a call today.

Consign your livestock today by contacting Pete Stagner @ 719.221.1517 or the barn @ 719.539.6647 .


June 7th--

REGULAR SALE.  This will be our last sale before summer, but give us a call if a need arises.  Be sure to join us this fall for all our special sales.