November 17th: Calf Special

Estimate 700 HEAD of Hi-Altitude Steers and Heifers

Sutherland Ranches: 120 strs/hfrs, 400-525 lbs., vacc.

Hutchinson Ranch: 60 strs/hfrs, 2 rounds vacc., weaned.

San Isabel Ranch: 70 strs/hfrs, 500-550 lbs., BVD-free, weaned and vacc. 60 days

Dale Tovrea: 20 strs/hfrs, 500 lbs., BVD-free, weaned and vacc 60 days

Ward Ranches: 120 strs/hfrs, 450-500 lbs., vacc.

Steve Cadwell: 70 str/hfrs, 400-500 lbs., vacc with booster, weaned 3 weeks

Kenny Snare: 40 str/hfrs, 450-550 lbs.

Abeyta & Abeyta: 25 strs/hfrs, 500-550 lbs.

Steve & Gail Denison: 30 strs/hfrs, 450-550 lbs.

Jerry Livengood: 12 strs/ hfrs, 500 lbs.

December 1st: Regular Sale

December 8th: Calf Special

Ed Zabrisky: 40 head replacement hfrs, Bangs vacc.

December 15th: Bred Cow/Heifer

25 head of bred heifers, plus 4 loads of bred cows already consigned...

Upcoming Sales:

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Rocky Mountain Livestock Sales, Inc. has been your local area sale barn for nearly 60 years, servicing your livestock marketing needs right here in Salida, Colorado.  Our mountainous region is home to some of the finest high altitude cattle in the state; a characteristic that increases buyer demand unlike any other market.  Producers in our service area raise their cattle at altitudes above 7000 ft, and most summer them on grazing permits at elevations of 9000 to 10,000 ft.  Because of these special conditions, cattleman are very selective in choosing animals that will thrive in our area and are limited in susceptibility to High Mountain Disease or Brisket.